Thursday, March 15, 2007

Angela Chang (張韶涵)

I have to admit that when I first heard some of Angela Chang's (張韶涵) songs, I didn't really like first. After hearing them a couple more times, I started enjoy some of her music somewhat, so I went looking for some of her music videos.

When I listened to some more of her music, again, I didn't really like them at first, but after hearing them a couple of times, I started liking them some more.

When researching a little more about her, I was surprised that she emigrated to Canada for a while and attended school here, but then went back to Taiwan to persue her acting and singing career.

Here are a few songs of her's that I heard and liked the first time I heard it - either because I liked the melody of the lyrics or I liked the opening tune of the song. Keep in mind that YouTube appears to be slowly removing her music videos from the site so the videos below may or may not play. These and other vidoes by Angela Chang can be found at my Mandarin Music Videos group at YouTube

First, here is "Wonderland Flower" (夢裡花) (Meng Li Hua):

Next is "My Favorite" (
我的最愛) (Wo De Zui Ai):

Lastly, here is "Journey Of Love" (
愛情旅程) (Ai Qing Lu Cheng):


contactanos. . . said...

hey i just ran across your blog & thought this is really cool . . . then i ran across your profile & i thought he\she is very east meets west & i find myself in the same predicament of trying to learn mandarin now !

i was also born in toronto with chinese family & no never learned chinese & now regret it so much. . . & yes i had the same brilliant thought to using songs to try to help me aside from the classes iam taking.

anyways i just wanted to say its a great blog, specially for clueless ppl that have no idea whats happening on the other side of the word ... so keep it up. . . i will surely drop by again!

J.C. said...

Thanks for your comments and thanks for visiting! I'll try my best to keep this blog updated and hopefully we can both learn!

Luu said...

Angela rocks, I just started listening to her stuff. Her ballads are nice but realy love her faster stuff, like Aurora or C major.